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Right to the point – with industry experience as well as direct search and approach method – and careful selection.

The Formations Group executes mandates for the recruitment of specialist and senior management positions. Our objective is to acquire the best available managers to secure that crucial head start for our clients against the competition.

The extensive industry experience of our consultants allows for a precise dialogue with our clients as well as a subsequent accurate selection and competent addressing of highly qualified candidates.

We know: In addition to professional prerequisites, the candidate’s personality is crucial for his or her successful integration into the company’s culture and values. Getting to know and understanding these factors is of fundamental importance for successful and long-term recruitment. This aim is supported by a relationship with clients which evolved over an extensive period of time.

It is the combination of our consultants’ industry knowledge, direct search and holistic and personal client support, which results in the desired quality of the selected candidates within a given period of time. This is the underlying factor of the Group’s success.


Consultants from your industry – for your industry

Industry Expertise

Our consultants are true industry experts – without exception! They have gained extensive first-hand experience over many years in senior management and leadership positions in the industry they consult for our mandators.

Many consulting companies have a weak point, which cannot be ignored: Their consultants might have been assigned to a specific industry within the organization of the firm they work for, however, they do not have their own professional management experience in the industry branches in which they now act as consultants. Without this expertise they lack the understanding of the extensive requirements of the position to be staffed. This results in lost time and a limited selection of suitable candidates.

The Formations Group offers the advantage that consultants know their respective industry, its environment, its particularities as well as the “key players” on the industry and consumer side from their own professional dealings and experience. This makes them true industry insiders. They speak your language, understand your requirements and the specific tasks at hand. There is no better partner: Not for you nor for your candidates.


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The direct search for and approach of candidates within defined target industries is the best and quickest way to reach highly-qualified executives and thus potential candidates.

Our industry-experienced consultants quickly find direct access to qualified executives by means of pro-active, direct searches and approaches. Especially to those who are successful in their current professional environment and are not planning any changes and therefore would never respond to a classic job advertisement - the classic reactive approach. With our direct approach we specifically reach a comparatively larger and higher qualified target group.

Our consultants have the group’s evolved networks at their disposal. Personal contacts with leading personalities in the relevant industries are a rich source of valuable information.

With their many years of personal experience gained in the industry, our consultants are particularly well suited for understanding the values of your corporate culture and your visions in all its facets, and able to convincingly bring these across in the dialogue with qualified candidates.

Your Briefing - Our Mission

The Job Profile

Don’t be surprised if our consultants need to know more than you are used to from consultants. Ideal staffing requires a comprehensive understanding of the positions to be filled, as well as sound knowledge of the company.

Experience has taught us: Optimally filling a position requires a lot more than a comprehensive “job description”. It also requires well-founded knowledge of the company concerned. This is why the Formations Group consultants like to ask detailed questions.

We develop and discuss a comprehensive job and candidate profile together with our mandators. When we know and understand your corporate culture and visions well, we are able to gain a more precise idea of your company’s requirements for the ideal candidate.

Our Approach

The Selection Process

When appraising candidates based on the specifics of the mandate, your consultant focuses on different criteria: On the one hand, a personal interview including biographical and situational questions about a candidate’s prior career and qualifications.

On the other hand, the consultant will also scrutinize the candidate’s personality, as this is of crucial importance for successful and long-term staffing. How does the candidate score with regard to energy levels, decisiveness, steerability, the ability to compromise and social competence?

Ultimately, the candidate’s motivation also plays a central role in the consultant’s assessment. What exactly is the candidate’s motivation for changing his/her job and with regard to the target company? Why this one and not another one?

All this and much more needs to be identified in a well-prepared comprehensively structured personal interview. Only once all facts have been summarized and assessed, will we present the selected suitable candidate to you.

To successfully carry out the recruiting process for our mandators, your consultant will steer and perform the entire identification and selection process. He coordinates all aspects.

Personal commitment as well as the holistic support of clients by their consultants – from the start to the end of the recruiting process – is a matter of course for us.

At all times, your consultant knows the current status of the progress of the mandate in detail and keeps in regular contact with you. Do you have questions? Your consultant is available to answer them at all times.

The success of the Formations Group, when it comes to staffing challenging professional and leadership positions, even in narrow markets, is based on all of the above-mentioned approaches.

The industry expertise of our consultants, in connection with the direct search and approach as well as the comprehensive support of our clients, results in a very high level of accuracy and quality of the suggested candidates, and this in a remarkably short time frame.

Trust for Trust

The consultants of the Formations Group invest all their personal energy in fulfilling recruitment mandates in the specified time frame and in the desired quality.
  • You, our mandator, and your specific wishes and requirements are at the heart of all our work. We measure our success on your success. We guarantee a high level of commitment and passion when it comes to fulfilling our mandates. Honesty and openness in all matters are integral parts of our identity as your partner.
  • Discretion is our top priority. Application documents and internal information from mandators remain, of course, strictly confidential within the organization of the Formations Group. We do not disclose candidate’s documents or information to third parties without explicit consent.
  • Our fees are transparent and fair. The guarantee of free of charge replacement is an integral part of our T&Cs. We do not accept remuneration from candidates in connection with recruitment orders.