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Executive Search

To fill demanding specialist and managerial positions.

Consultants from your industry – for your industry

Our Consultants

Long-standing market expertise and an eye for people – as your partner in the food industry/ FMCG sector I will find the right person for your company.

Plastic Processing and -Packaging, Tool/Mold Construction

People are a success factor – traditional approaches to recruitment just won’t suffice, especially when it comes to filling top management positions. Too much time and money is invested in an uncertain outcome. Successful recruitment for positions is no coincidence, it is the result of professional search and selection!

Information Technology & Telecommunication

„CAPITAL can be raised,
FACTORIES can be built,
PEOPLE must be won over“
- Hans Christoph von Rohr

Wolf Salzer

Managing Partner
Consumer Electronics, Toy & Video Games Industry

Our years of experience as insiders from your industry make us the ideal choice of partner when it comes to finding the optimum candidates to help you on the route to achieving lasting success.

Finance & Human Resources

„You can't overtake someone if you follow in his footsteps."
(Francois Truffaut)


Nothing is more constant than change.” (Charles Darwin) – the requirements placed on managerial candidates should be attached to the challenges of tomorrow.

Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Mechanical and Plant Engineering made in Germany are world class. Searching and selecting highly qualified managers for these industries is my contribution for their sustainability.

Textile/Apparel, Fashion & Lifestyle, Living & Interior

"Talents find solutions, geniouses uncover problems"      (Hans Krailsheimer)

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